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An Overview

Download Scholarships Forms here

The Helena B. Cobb Scholarship Program emphasizes the importance of educational training beyond the high school level whether that training is higher education at a college, university, or vocational-technical school. The program was named for the first Vice President of the Council, Helena B. Cobb, who was an educator.
The program is divided into two categories:
Category 1 – The Helena B. Cobb Annual Scholarship. A scholarship of $100.00 is given annually to approved applicants for a maximum of four years. Applicants must apply/reapply each year. Stipends are also given to our theology students and donations are made periodically to our CME Instutions of higher learning.
Category 2 – The Helena B. Cobb Four-Year Higher Education Grant. This scholarship is awarded each quadrennial. Presently, six $ 4,000 and four $1,000 scholarships are given. Applicants are chosen through a four-year progressive competitive system from the local to Episcopal levels. In 1975, the first four-year higher education scholarship was granted.
Any member of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church who has graduated from high school and who is enrolled in a college, university, or vocational-technical school may receive help from the Helena B. Cobb Fund provided that person makes application and that application is approved.
Scholarship funds are raised through the local societies by having special observances- programs and other activities to generate revenues to provide scholarships for deserving students. Donations are also accepted.
Each Local Society can help fund the program by sponsoring some type of educational program and/or activities that will bring in revenues. Money generated from these programs should be sent to the Region (Annual Conference) Vice-Presidents. A written report of the program/activity should be sent to the vice presidents on the District, Region (Annual Conference) and Council level. Helena B. Cobb Scholarship Fund Day should be held no later than the second Sunday in January in commeration of Mrs. Cobb’s birthday.
Some suggested ideas are:
  1. Educational Forums – Any month. Invite several educators in to talk on issue/issues facing your particular school situation.
  2. Honor Day For Students – Any month. Invite your students to a special service. Present them with a Certificate of Achievement. Have a speaker.
  3. Career Day/Conference – Any month. But, the months of March, April, May, and June would be good. Invite representatives from several colleges, universities, the Armed Forces, businesses, agencies, etc. to come to talk with students in 9th through 12th grades. Invite the whole community. This Day/Conference can be held at night or on Saturday.
  4. Black History Program. February. Focus on outstanding educators in your church and/or in the local community. Use as many youth /young adults as you can.
  5. A Musical. Any month. Invite a high school choir, a high school band, a college choir, or college band to give concert at your church. You could also invite Church Praise Dancers. This could be a fundraiser.
  6. Pageants and Plays Highlighting Educators. Any month. This could be a fund raiser. Have someone who can and will write a pageant with a theme around educators in your area. Present “Since the Church Said Yes,” a play depicting the Pioneers and Presidents of the Women’s Missionary Council.
  7. Local Achievers. Any month. Invite several local achievers: business people, professionals and others to come talk with your young people about how they got started, and how they have become successful, and what the students need to do to become successful also.
  8. Kwanzaa Program. December. Introduce your church and the community to this outstanding African-American Cultural program. Have a speaker and involve as many children as you can.
  9. This is your Life. Any month. Have someone who and will write a “This Is Your Life” about a local church educator or a community educator. Use as many young people as possible to display as many aspects of your honoree’s life as possible. Serve refreshments.
  10. Did You Know? Any month. Have a program about Helena B. Cobb and give historical information about her life. Or have someone to write a short play/drama on her life. You could highlight other vice presidents of the Council and/or other officers of the Council. Prepare and distribute a “Fact Sheet” on the person’s life.
  1. Students applying for the Helena B. Cobb Annual Scholarship should get a Council’s approved Application Form from their local church missionary president or vice president, properly fill it out and return it to their local missionary vice-president.
  2. All application forms should be given/sent to the Region (Annual Conference) Vice-President by December 31 of the calendar year.
  3. Applications from each Region should be sent by the Region Vice President to the Council’s Vice President by January 20 of each year.
  4. Applications are then processed and the scholarship grants are forwarded to the applicant’s college or university in September of the same year.


Download Scholarships Forms here

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